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Welcome to the TCS Wiki.

TCS stands for the very imaginative name of The Countries Simulation!

This Wiki will let you explore Season 7 of TCS including any events, wars and treaties to have taken place so far. More will be added as Season 7 continues so you can find the latest and greatest right here. Please look around or search for a certain article you wish to find. Enjoy your stay and we will see you next time!

This game is all about taking a country and advancing through the ages in a role-play style from 1900 on-wards. All the statistics are run on a vast and in-depth spreadsheet to ensure accuracy and continuity. 30+ Active players currently take part as a variety of countries all pushing for greatness. Though it does follow historical events to a point, there is plenty of opportunities to stray from the path and rewrite history. This may be seen in some articles either being unfamiliar to history or have some stark difference in them which keeps it interesting.

The server is run on discord where all the role-play takes place and things such as events and maps are posted. Here, you can also get help from the friendly admins.

By Marshie77 + Klaus.

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President Pablo Escabar (circa 1953).

The Narcotic States of Colombia is a nation located on the Western coast of South America. It is currently ruled by Pablo Escobar, who is a drug lord turned Dictator due to the previous leader disappearing under mysterious circumstances. It currently is the second largest nation in South America, and is known for expanding dramatically after annexing both Ecuador and then Peru in the early 20th century. It has been known to cause several conflicts in the South American continent, especially with it's neighbor Bolivia. The leader maintains active relations with it's other neighbors, most prevalent with Brazil and Mexico. It currently is in a ceasefire with Venezuela, and has received both monetary and military aid from both the Soviet Union and United States of America.

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